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How do you deliver thousands of meals 24 hours a day, seven days a week in some of the most remote regions of the world without compromising on quality or service? How do you guarantee the timely delivery of fresh, premium ingredients to remote sites often far removed from supply bases, delivering a food service that not only sets industry benchmarks but offers variety and choice every day? How do you ensure that your workforce is provided with the very best of catering and hospitality services? How? With iPi Catering.

Quality assured, quality provided

As part of the iPi Group of Companies, iPi Catering is one of the largest volume, industrial caterer and camp service providers in the Asia Pacific region, providing extensive food service operations to the PNG mining, resource and service sectors.

iPi Catering successfully balances variety and taste with nutrition, consistency, reliability, food safety and value for money. All meals are prepared with the best ingredients using the latest food handling procedures and safeguards.

Experience and commitment – a winning combination

At iPi Catering we understand the intricacies of the environments in which we work and customise our service accordingly. Providing solutions is always the objective. Whether your requirements are for a remote 50 person fly camp or a 2000 strong multi- facility mine site base, iPi Catering can deliver.

Supply chain security

A significant component to our success in being able to deliver on such a large scale is the substantial support network and backup provided by our parent company, the iPi Group. Logistical support in terms of supply chain, storage, and administrative assistance all serve to promote exceptional catering solutions for our clients.

iPi Catering’s management team is second to none. Our managerial staff have extensive global experience in large scale hospitality and commercial catering and can set up operations in any country in any conditions. The team oversees all aspects of the company from supply chain through to selection of ingredients, making sure all variables are managed and ensuring total customer satisfaction.

Training for the future

iPi Catering boasts highly experienced and qualified catering personnel who understand our clients’ foodservice requirements. We are committed to quality and ongoing employeee training.We subscribe to Australian TAFE Hospitality qualifications and support localised in-house education and personal advancement opportunities.

Anywhere, anytime

Continually striving to increase our high level of quality and service to all industry sectors, iPi Catering’s large-scale, remote-area food provision is guaranteed to keep your valued workforce smiling and content. Our objective is to provide nutritional, varied and mouth watering food 24 hours a day, seven days a week – no matter what the location or how extreme the conditions.

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